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Flexible contract, free weights, cardio, plate loaded machines, cables, functional equipment, personal trainers, sauna, massage facilities, private changing rooms, 24/7.

Welling’s hottest spot.

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    Novo Gym

    4 Bellegrove Road,
    DA16 3PR

    Our Services

    24/7 Access

    Are you a night owl or an early riser? Don’t stress. No matter when you schedule your workout, with 24/7 access to our facilities you’ll have somewhere to train. We kindly ask that members keep noise levels down and not loiter outside our premises to show respect to our neighbours.

    Cardio Equipment

    Our wide selection of cardio machines covers all angles. From boxing bags to treadmills to stairmasters we are certain that we have the necessary tools to help you get your body active, healthy and strong.

    Resistance Training

    Frustrated that your gym only has one bench? Don’t worry. With 5 squat racks, 4 bench presses, 3 hip thrust machines and anything else you could ever want. We have what you need to build your strength and tone up.

    Extra Help

    Are you new to your fitness journey or looking for an extra edge that will help optimise your routine? Speak to one of our in-house personal trainers or try one of our free classes to take your training to the next level.

    Infra-Red Sauna

    Feeling tired and worn out? Try relaxing in our sauna and allow the infra-red radiation to work its magic. Improving blood flow and helping to mobilise joints, this is our preferred way to ‘warm up’.

    Private Changing

    Not interested in sharing public showers with 5 other sweaty people? Our single changing rooms allow you to shower and get changed in complete privacy. You wont need to lug around toiletries as we provide touch-free dispensable bodywash in our walk in showers.

    Flexible Contract

    Stressed out about being locked into a gym membership for 6 months to a year? With our memberships your can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice. Just send an email to and the team will start processing your request immediately.

    Membership Freezes

    Going on holiday during the summer? With Novo Gym you can pause your membership for up to 3 months per year in blocks of 1 month at a time. To request a freeze, just send an email to at least 5 days before you want to pause the membership.

    Body Scan

    Want to know if your workouts are really working? Speak to a member of staff about completing a full assessment on our medically graded body scanner to get information like body fat percentage, likelihood of injury, bone density and more straight to your phone!

    • Alastair Salmon

      6th February 2024

      Excellent gym. Everything you’d want in it. Just had a refurb so even better than before

    • London's Handymen

      6th January 2024

      I took Novo up on the option of a free trial to check the gym out and I was amazed with the quality of there equipment and to top it off I was made to feel very welcome from both staff and members, we can safely say I am now a full time member and will be for the foreseeable future.

    • Gabe

      14th July 2023

      Its been many years since I stepped into a gym, today was my first session at Novo and the staff are really friendly and helpful and showed me around the facility and how the different machines worked and the different zones they have setup. I really enjoyed my workout, there is music playing which is great and its not loud, all the machines are new and everything was working and I didn't... Read More

    • Joy Zarine

      22nd June 2023

      The negative reviews on here appear to be from people who haven’t actually joined the gym - so I felt the need to write an honest review about my experience.

      I was really excited to see Novo Gym coming into the area, and I couldn't be happier with my experience since joining. Gyms can often feel quite intimidating and off-putting, but from the moment I walked through the doors, the... Read More

    • Emma T

      1st June 2023

      Epic new addition to Welling! Loving this gym so much! 💥 Great value for money, inspiring interior, sauna, stylish showers, classes, and one of the best parts - no closing time, it’s 24/7! 🤩 Thank you for opening a great gym here! 🙏🏼

    • Chantelle Fenton

      31st May 2023

      The Novo team have absolutely smashed it with this gym! Value for money is incredible, 24/7 access, insane range of equipment, fabulous sauna, friendly Fridays.. the list goes on!! Every little detail has been thought about; toiletries in the shower, the lighting sectioning the place into zones, free water station, there’s even diffusers on the hairdryers! Would recommend to anyone looking... Read More

    • Kevin Smith

      31st May 2023

      Great gym, not joined yet as still a member at another gym. Had a free trial and done a push workout, chest and tri’s… so used all the free weight benches for chest and the rope pull for tri’s. There are loads of machines and can’t wait to get back in there to try all the machines out. Looking forward to try out the new Sauna at some point. Oh yeah and there’s a studio in there for... Read More

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